The people of Morocco have many different Islamic and National celebrations throughout the year. During each festival there can be feasting, dancing, singing, or praying - all depending on what event is being celebrated. Celebrations are usually a national thing so people of all ages will join in on the fun. There is an event for everyone at all time of the year.

New Years Day - Western Celebration
Independence Celebration (1 of 5 during the year) Secular

Tafraoute - End of the winter rains.
Aid Al Adha / A'd el-Khebir - Commemoration of Abrahams sacrifice

March & April
Beni Mellal - Cotton harvest moussem
Fatih Mouharam - Islamic New Years
Ashura - Day of tithing
Aid el Arch - The coronation of King Mohammed VI
Moulay Bousselham - Moussem of Sidi Ahmed Ben Mansour
Berkane - Harvest moussem for clementines
El Kelia des Mgouna - Rose festival to celebrate the new crops
Labor Day - May 1
Id el Mouloud - Prophet Mohammed's birthday
Ben Aissa Moussem - the largest of all moussems which includes amazing displays of fantasia, glass swallowing, etc.

Music Festival - Held in Fez. Musicians from all around the world join in this festival
Independence Day - A week long oceanside festival/party
Goulimine - traditionally a fair for camel traders
Tan Tan - Moussem of Sidi Mohammed Ma el Ainin. Guedra dance may be performed at this festival.
Gnaoua Festival - Music Festival

Marrakesh Popular Arts Festival - Traditional Moroccan folklore
Tetouan - Moussem of Moulay Abdessalem which is celebrated very religiously in great splendor and ceremony.
Sefrou - Festival of the cherry harvest
Al Hoceima - festival of the sea harvest
Celebration of the Throne - Parades and fireworks - 30 July

Asilah Arts Festival - Exposure for local artists
Celebration of the Young - August 21
Setti Fatma - Popular moussem held in the Ourika valley
Sefrou - Moussem of Sidi Lahcen el Youssi
El Jadida - Moussem of Moulay Abdallah. It features fantasias.
Tiznit - Moussem of Sidi Ahmed ou Moussa. This is principally a religious festival.
Immouzer du Kandar - a moussem for harvesting apples and pears.
Immouzer des Ida Outanane - a honey moussem which last about a week.

Chefchaouen - Moussem of Sidi Allal al Hadh.
Moulay Idriss Zerhoun - Moussem of Moulay Idriss, the patron saint of Fez, which is the biggest religious moussem.
Imilchil - a marriage festival in the Atlas mountains (see marriage customs)also a showcase for traditional costumes

The Date Festival - Held in Erfoud

Ramadan - month of fasting
Independence Day - Nov 18
Eid al Fitr - Endof Ramadan
Erfoud - a harvest festival

Rafsae - olive harvest festival
Hajj Day - Dec 31