Morocco has a very lengthy history. It has been inhabited since very early prehistoric times. Farming communities have existed in what is now Morocco for over 8,000 years. From about A.D. 40 to 600’s, the region was ruled by Romans, Vandals, and Byzantines.
During the 680’s, the Arabs invaded Morocco. Most Berbers adopted the religion of Islam. By he late 700’s, though, an Arab leader, Idris ibn Abdallah, united the Berbers and Arabs under his rule and created the first Moroccan state. Also, he founded the Idris dynasty,it governed Morocco for almost 200 years. Fez, the Idrisid capital, became a major religious and cultural center of the Islamic world.

By the 1200’s, Christians began driving Muslims out; by the 1500’s, they were all gone. During this time Spain and Portugal started taking territory on Morocco’s coast. The rivalry between the two started a widespread battle in the western Mediterranean.By the early 1900’s, through treaties and military victories, France and Spain had economical and political control over Morocco. They tried to modernize its’ army and government. In 1906, leaders of Germany, France, and Spain met to discuss who controlled which area; it ended with Morocco keeping its independence, but France and Spain still kept some privileges.

In 1907 a group of Moroccans began the fight for their country’s independence during the 1920’s. Morocco was a scene of fighting during World War II. During this time many parties and leaders were formed to work towards independence. On March 2, 1956, Morocco declared its independence. In 1962 Morocco adopted its last constitution.